Christan Drum Tabs


I havn't done as much on this sight as I would like. I added some powerpoint tabs and music that I play secular tabs with for my garage band. If you click on the power point tab, they are there. They are in Microsoft office 2010 - open, then view in slide show and the music will play and turn the page for you. You can use an ipad on a stand - or a laptop.  Jerry  11-18-2012 

This sight is in the infant stages of development. There are no ads on this sight. It was not created for any type of profit. I don't have a way  to allow for uploads or for posts from visitors. However, I have created an e-mail address where  you can contact me:

I will continue to add more tabs as I write them out. If you have any christian drum tabs that I can post here, send them to the e-mail address and I will post them. I also have a Facebook page for Christian drum tabs. Any  suggestions on how to better this sight is appreciated also.




           Updated 12-22-2009



I created this sight as a tool for Christian drummers who need or could use the help of a drum tab for the music that they might play in a praise and worship band. Last summer, I was asked to fill in from time to time in the worship band at my church.  Being a relatively new drummer, I didn’t quite have the experience needed to be able to play by ear at the Wednesday night rehearsal, or to even be ready to play 4 or 5 songs adequately by Sunday morning. When I was given a list of songs to play, I would go online to find drum sheet music, or drum tabs to get an Idea of the proper beat and ideas for different fills. 99% OF THE TIME THERE WERE NO DRUM TABS TO BE FOUND!

            I could find, plenty of bass and guitar tabs for any song I would look for but nothing for drum tabs. I went to the music store to see if I could buy some tabs but only found one book with Christian drum music in it. However, I rarely have time to go looking for the particular songs I need within 3-4 days – I need to spend that time practicing. I’ve been at numerous web sights claiming to have Christian drum tabs and even e-mailed some drummers to find out if anyone had any or where I could find some – all this with very little success.

            So, I figured I would start writing the drum tabs myself and start a web sight to help others who are in, or will be in the same situation that I was in and in many cases still am in. So, here it is: CHRISTIAN DRUM TABS.  Hopefully, this sight will be able to stay open and will help many less experienced drummers, or even experienced drummers, get the tabs that they need to be able to play drums in their praise and worship band.

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